Friday, June 25, 2010

Bike Girl Can't Believe Her Eyes

Today while doing some investigative work on the streets of Santa Monica, Bike Girl saw what may be evidence of sharrows going down in the city.

As she waited at a stop light, she saw a city of Santa Monica construction truck with a sharrow stencil in the back. She exclaimed to the driver, "Are those sharrows!?"

The driver responded, "Yep. They're going in at the end of the block."

But then the truck was gone. The end of which block? Bike Girl made this sighting around 4th and Arizona. She has not seen any of the sharrows on the ground, but hopes to see some soon.

UPDATE: Bike Girl returned to the scene later in the evening to see if there were, indeed, sharrows on the ground. While there were no sharrows, Bike Girl did find that the Arizona bike lane had been extended all the way to Ocean.

Bike Girl presumes the sharrow stencil was being utilized only for its center icon, the biking person, to go in the bike lanes. She also presumes the construction worker who told her sharrows were being put in at the end of the block, thought that a sharrow was just the picture of the cyclist, not the chevrons above and below it.

However, Bike Girl has been assured that Santa Monica is planning to install sharrows FOR REAL in the near future.


Anonymous said...

I believe the plan is to put a sharrow down 14th.

Amarita said...

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