Monday, June 21, 2010

Bike Girl Gracefully Dismounts

Bike Girl loves to ride her bicycle in a skirt or dress. Not only for the thrill when a strong wind blows, but also because she loves to wear skirts and dresses. Bike Girl is one super hero who rarely feels it necessary to don a special costume for everyday riding.

Astute readers will point out that Bike Girl occasionally wears her spandex bodysuit to ride fast in circles at Criterium races. But those who know Bike Girl, know that she wears that spandex bodysuit regularly. The fact that race days and bodysuit days coincide is purely by chance.

While Bike Girl is not opposed to occasionally delighting passing motorists while riding in a skirt in a headwind, she firmly believes these treats should be limited and accidental.

In order to ensure her ladylike reputation remains intact, Bike Girl has learned a few tricks to keep misbehaving skirts in line.

1. Learn to ride one-handed - In especially gusty wind situations, Bike Girl often rides with one hand resting on her lap. This gives her an extremely relaxed appearance as she cruises along, and also prevents her skirt from revealing more than she intends.

2. Occasionally stand - Even when biking on a calm day, a skirt can ruffle and shift while riding. Bike Girl occasionally stands while pedaling to allow her clothing to drape more naturally.

3. Choose fabrics and cuts carefullly - A tight woolen pencil skirt is much more difficult to ride in than a skirt that allows a bit more movement. When Bike Girl goes for the sexy secretary look, she takes the bus.

4. Get a big basket - The basket acts as a visual shield from the angle most likely to provide a peek.

5. Knees together - Any woman wearing a skirt who sits with her knees apart, really should have her lady card revoked. Sitting on a bike seat is no exception. The knees don't have to be touching, but go ahead and point them inward.

For visual representations of some of these practices, as well as other tips, encouragement, and photos of attractive ladies riding in skirts, click here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, but where is the bit about dismounting? I ride my bike to work - almost always in a skirt. I'm not a bike-stud - so I'm not that great a cyclist. I still haven't figured out how to get off my bike without flashing everyone. Also, how long does a skirt have to be before you should worry about it getting ensnared in your spokes? What about tucking long skirts under your seat, either for or aft?

Bike Girl said...

Stay tuned Anonymous. Bike Girl will explain her patented mounting/dismounting system on Friday

Anonymous said...

I just wear bike shorts under my skirt and not worry.