Friday, June 25, 2010

Bike Girl Gracefully Dismounts Pt 2

Ladies who follow our fair protagonist may have likely had a chance by now to experience the joys of riding in a skirt. But once a lady is on her bicycle, lookin' good, pulling up to her destination, likely with all eyes on her, how does she dismount?

Bike Girl has developed a patented series of moves appropriate for all types of skirts, and all types of bikes. For ladies with step-through or "girls'" frames, the procedure is obvious. This type of bicycle is engineered to be ridden in a skirt. Riders must simply stop, put their feet on the ground, then demurely step over the frame, keeping the knees inward.

Those of you ladies, who, like Bike Girl, throw tradition and caution to the wind and ride in a skirt on a diamond "boys'" frame, the procedure is a little more involved.

Step 1 - Stop with one foot on the ground.
Step 2 - Move the ground foot outward away from the frame as far as practicable
Step 3 - Lean the bike frame over toward the ground foot
Step 4 - Bend the opposite leg (the leg attached to the foot that is not already on the ground) at the knee, keeping the knee down. This motion is similar to kicking one's self in the butt.
Step 5 - if the bike is leaned over far enough, the leg should be easily lifted over it without raising the knee. If the bike is not leaned over far enough, the knee can be moved forward so the shin is parallel with the ground to clear the bike frame.

Bike Girl endorses this method of graceful dismount. Should difficulty be encountered at any stage in the process, Bike Girl recommends dismounting normally with as much speed as possible. In this way, anyone who gets a look will second-guess their vision, and any actual glimpse will be too fast to allow onlookers to commit their view to memory.

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