Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bike Girl Battles The Bus

Bike Girl was on her way to a Top Secret Meeting across town. She was in a bus-riding mood, so she struck a pose with her bicycle at a Metro Rapid stop. The first bus to pull up had a full rack of bikes on the front, so Bike Girl had to wait.

"A full bike rack is a positive development," thought Bike Girl as she shifted her weight onto the other hip to await the next bus.

But as the next bus pulled up 20 minutes later, Bike Girl's enthusiasm for the growing number cyclists utilizing the Metro to extend their bike-able range began to wane. She noticed that this bus also had a full bicycle rack.

Bike Girl tried to use her undeniable Charm to convince the bus driver to allow her to carry her trusty cycle on to the nearly empty bus, but to no avail. She rested her frame against her knee as she sat at the stop, resigned to wait for yet another bus.

As Bike Girl waited, she did some Math. She had already waited at the stop for more than 30 minutes. By the time the third bus arrived, she would have waited for 50 minutes. Since it takes her less time than that to ride to her Top Secret Destination, she was disappointed indeed.

The third bus rolled into view and Bike Girl did a double-take. Surely three busses in a row could not be filled to capacity with bikes. But it was true. The third bus's bicycle rack was also full. Now exasperated, Bike Girl defiantly mounted her bicycle in front of the bus. When the light turned green, she raced off across town, vowing to leave that bus in the dust in revenge for the delay.

Since Bike Girl prefers to focus on Solutions, she leapt into action. The next business day, she placed a call to Metro to find out if anything would be done to address the needs of the increasing amount of Metro passengers who utilize Bicycles as a way to make their commute on public transit more efficient.

Bike Girl's Metro contact has assured her she is investigating the matter.

…to be continued!