Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bike Girl Goes On Hiatus

Bike Girl has been missing from the internet for some time now, yet she still continues to receive emails from loyal readers. What do you think? Should Bike Girl begin to post again, albeit somewhat infrequently, or should our fair protagonist retire from this blog permanently?

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Alex Thompson said...

Intermittent is great! Or you can come post at Bikeside LA under your whatever name you choose.

Krista said...

If you have it in you to continue blogging that would be great! If anything simple photo's can fill the verbal void :D

Anonymous said...

I think if you feel like blogging, however sporadically, you should. If not, not.

One of the nice things about following a blog via its RSS feed is that if it gets updated only infrequently, it's not a problem. And when it does get updated, it's a lovely surprise. :-)

Alex said...

I'd like to get a 'surprise' post avery now and then.
Just write when you feel like it. Or post a picture or two.
I wouldn't stop, just slow down.

Erik Ryberg said...

I still check this blog somewhat regularly, hoping to see a new post. You write beautifully and have a perspective that is unique and not heard often enough. Nothing says you have to post something every week or month. But when you do, you will have readers for sure.

danceralamode said...

IMHO, post when you have something to say, but keep the blog active even if you don't post for a while. You have a unique voice, and who cares if you don't post every single day.