Friday, March 13, 2009

Bike Girl Goes Shopping Pt 3

This installment of Bike Girl’s search for the perfect new bike for touring could also be titled, “How NOT To Sell A Bicycle.”

Our fearless protagonist found herself on Craigslist, searching for a cheaper solution to her N+1 problem. She was hoping for an 80’s bike with a triple chain-ring she could convert to become a touring machine.

During her search, Bike Girl came across a stylish looking vintage number with nice components. However, despite the long description, she was unable to find the bike’s size. Bike Girl emailed the seller, thinking this was an oversight. Here is the conversation that transpired [with commentary in brackets].

Bike Girl: you didn't post the size [ok, so maybe that was a little terse]

your welcome [that’s actually how the seller spelled that word]

so you're not going to say what size it is? [Bike Girl is confused]

only if real interested...tire kickers-not so much [Bike Girl thought this was a bizarre response]

Well how would I know if I'm interested unless it is my size. What a bizarre thing to not post.

That's like saying "I'm selling some pants, but I refuse to say what size they are." Or "I'm selling a picture but I won't show it to you first."

No one is going to click on your posting unless they're looking for a bike. If they're looking for a bike, they need to know what size it is to know if it will fit them. If it won't fit them, then there's no point in them looking any further.

I'm not sure what your definition of a "Tire Kicker" is, but you will waste a lot more of your time having people come look at the bike and it not being the right size than if you just post the size so people know if you're wasting THEIR time or not by drawing them out to look at a bike that will have no chance of fitting them.

Seller: get a friggin life instead of telling people what to do or how to advertise...i could tell you were a nag from the get go and thats why you got the answer i gave-there are many like you on cl...[Bike Girl was out to buy a bike, not out to nag]

Just have to say, out of all the bikes I've bought on craigslist, and out of all the bikes I've inquired about, I've never encountered such resistance from a seller to telling me the size of the bike. It really was a simple question from an interested buyer.

here's another clueless person trying to school me on how to advertise and how little i know about bikes...

" you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about – your ad says campy and campagnolo- which are the same brand-- If you knew what the numbers meant you would know road bike sizes are usually in cm, not inches – it’s not a mountain bike or a kids bike- If you really knew bikes you would’ve put the size info in the ad. I’m embarrassed for you. "

this ignoramus doesnt know that road bikes WERE measured in inches by trek in the early years.

as for campy,i used it for search engine keywording which this idiot didnt know crap about...

So i had to school them and deal with their stupidity.

If you ever sell stuff on cl you will see plenty of foot in mouth syndrome and free advice syndrome...


At this point, Bike Girl told the seller it was obvious she didn’t want to sell her the bike, and told the poor seller she was sorry she had to deal with that person. Bike Girl wishes this seller the best of luck, but hopes other hapless potential buyers do not have any questions about the frame size.

Bike Girl’s quest for a new bike continues…

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KGS Bikes - Kevin Saunders said...

Hi Bike Girl! I can certainly relate to your frustration and am enjoying reading about your quest. My observations are similar to yours in many more cases than not and as such, there is enough demand for bikes that fit most of your parameters that I still have a job. The one's I am best at are, 1) Fit. this is critical. 2) Number of chainrings. Gearing is so important and touring bikes have specific requirements just like racing bikes. 3) Green. Or Yellow. Or whatever! Bikes last a long time and you have to live with it. Good choices on the front end yield great satisfaction on the back end.

Now the last one, cheap. I can't help there! :) I do know the world's most expensive bike is the one that is not used, so all of mine are cheaper than that!

Thanks so much for sharing and making my day a little better. I hope you will comment on my blog too!

Dottie said...

Bizarre! But then Craigslist is the land of bizarre people and things. I empathize with your n+1 problem and wish you much better luck in the future!